Combine data, code, text, & visualizations

Noteable is a data notebook for Ad-hoc analysis, Machine Learning, & Data Apps.

Less Friction, More Innovation

Ease Access to Data & Compute

Save time and money by simplifying tooling and enabling your team to focus on what they do best.

connect to any data source

Connect to Anything

Seamlessly connect to your data no matter where it’s stored, featuring native integrations with BigQuery, Snowflake, Databricks, and APIs.

fast time to insight

Fatest Way to Insight

Native SQL support within a Python notebook gives you the flexibility to work with data the way you want without sacrificing collaboration.

resource management

Resource Management

Configure your own compute and share credentials and important data across teams.

Flexible, Yet Robust

Work with data the way you want®

All your work in one place: No-code, Python, SQL, & more.

No code visualizations

No-Code Visualizations

No matter your code level, turn your data into stories with the largest library of built-in visualizations.

Comment on notebooks

Share and Comment

Go deeper on collaboration by commenting on anything – all the way down to specific data points.

Real time collaboration

Live Collaboration

Work together and simultaneously from anywhere without worrying about losing your work.

10x Productivity

Boost your ML, Dashboard, & Data Pipelines

Close the gap between exploration and production in a flexible and ecosystem-friendly workspace.

Automation and Scheduling


Schedule notebooks to run automatically, even within your existing production pipelines.

git integration

Git Support

Noteable allows you to work from a clone of a remote Git repository.

Data Apps

Data Apps & Dashboard

Share your data’s story with easy-to-build, easy-to-share, and published notebooks.

Built for businesses by the experts of the most successful open-source notebook initiatives.

Open Source

We have a long history of supporting technical communities and open-source initiatives. We value the energy, open standards, and exchange of ideas that emerge when passionate professionals come together for a common cause. We’re committed to supporting technical communities and contributing back to open source wherever possible.

Analytics. Science. Engineering.

Noteable is the collaborative data notebook to combine code (SQL, Python, & R), natural language, and interactive visualizations.

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