Databricks + Noteable

Elevate Your Data Team

Instant, Effortless Collaboration with Noteable & Databricks

Bring your data team together like never before. With the Noteable and Databricks integration, collaboration is seamless, intuitive, and instant. Share notebooks, co-edit reports, and visualize data in real-time, all within a unified workspace.

Real time collaboration for data team and stakeholders
Real-Time Collaboration, Beyond Just the Data Team

Collaborate in real-time on notebooks and dashboards, ensuring efficient teamwork and faster decision-making.

connect to any data source
Data Connection Library

Seamlessly connect to your data wherever it’s stored, from uploading CSVs to connecting to the largest data warehouses.

Multi-Language Support

Mix-and-match language support across SQL, Python, and R gives you the flexibility to work with data the way you want without sacrificing collaboration.

No code visualizations
No-code visualization

No matter your code level, turn your data into stories with the largest library of built-in visualizations.

Databricks + Noteable

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