DEX: No-Code Visualization Tool

Gain 10x productivity with stunning one click visualizations to explore and explain.


Take advantage of dozens of chart types including favorites like bar charts and line charts but also facets to quickly understand the shape of your data and identify important insights.

Data Wrangling with Noteable


Transform column data types, see missing values, filter, and quickly transform it using SQL/Python to take your raw data and make it more actionable, all with little or no code.

Explain and present data analysis with Noteable


Craft dashboards, build multiple views, decorate your charts with annotations and style your data with conditional formatting to create rich interfaces for your data consumers.

Explore in Details

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) should leverage views that show trends and correlation. That means using line charts and scatterplots a lot, but also more advanced charts like funnel diagrams and network diagrams.

“10X Faster to create charts” – Yurii K. , Python Developer

Explain with Engagement

When delivering charts for explanatory data graphics, you need to understand your audience. Not just their goals but what they’re comfortable with and how they typically present their data.

✨ “Highly preferable for collaborations and has helpful data visualization tools”- Vamshi Krishna D.

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Collaboration beyond code

Collaborate with your partners and stakeholders using DEX’s built-in data annotation and comment features.

✨ “What I really love about Notable is the collaborative features”
– Deep S. – Data Scientist


We ❤️ Open Source

Built with Semiotic

Semiotic offers several frame types to deploy a wide variety of charts.

Fastest Way to Insight

Noteable is the collaborative data notebook to combine code (SQL, Python, & R), natural language, and interactive visualizations. Our data notebook built to give data teams the efficiency and flexibility to collaborate better, deliver actionable insights and achieve business impact.

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