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With Data Prism on Noteable, get multiple chart suggestions with a click, and use the perfect one

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Automatic chart views reduce time to insight.


Focus on metrics that are key to your data.


Zoom into the charts to fine-tune the settings.

Automatic Chart Suggestions by Data Prism on Noteable
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How about a dozen rich visual facets to explore?

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Wasting time searching for the right views into your data?

Discover the right chart in seconds. So that you can spend your time making it perfect for your audience.

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Rapidly prototype views into your data based on your domain expertise.

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SQL, Python, R, and No-code Data Visualization in one single data workspace.

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Make data more accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone. Watch our demo video to learn how to craft data workflows that deliver meaningful insights and tangible results.


Fastest Way to Insight

Noteable makes it easy to go from a dataset to rich, beautiful data visualizations thanks to Data Explorer – DEX for short. Now, with Data Prism autoviz, we have made it easier and faster than ever.

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