Unlock the Power of Data Notebook with Noteable

Explore, Collaborate, and take Actions with Data, Code, Text, & Rich Visualization - All in One Place

Connect to Anything

Ease Access to Data & Compute. Seamlessly connect to your data no matter where it’s stored, featuring native integrations and through SDKs and OpenAPI standards available.

Data Teams collaborate more effectively on Noteable

All-in-one Workspace

Do all your work in one place: No-code, Python, SQL, and more. Collaborative in Real-time. Go beyond communicating on the document to interact with the actual data.

Data <-> Insight

Use the largest library of built-in visualizations. Enable more users to explore data with Excel-like interactive tables and schedule notebooks using your existing orchestration systems.

Built with Open Source

SQL, Python, R, and No-code Data Visualization in one single data workspace.

What’s Jupyter Notebook?

  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Python
  • SQL
  • R

From EDA to ETL

Noteable is a notebook-based environment that runs entirely in the cloud. It does not require any setup. You can create and edit notebooks similar to how you collaborate in Google Docs, the way you build dashboards in Tableau, the way you develop web applications in Domino Data Lab, Plotly or Streamlit, and, of course, the way you write code in Jupyter Notebooks or Databricks.

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We bridge the gap between Data Analytics, Science, and Engineering by providing a cohesive notebook experience. You know what combination of tooling works best for you, and we’re not opinionated about our customers’ workflow. From Git, Airflow, DBT, or Snowflake… you connect and interact with your data stack the way you want from within Noteable directly.

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Unmatched Flexibility

Work with data the way you want®

Make data more accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone. Watch our demo video to learn how to craft data workflows that deliver meaningful insights and tangible results.


Fastest Way to Insight

Noteable is the collaborative data notebook to combine code (SQL, Python, & R), natural language, and interactive visualizations. Our data notebook built to give data teams the efficiency and flexibility to collaborate better, deliver actionable insights and achieve business impact.

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