ChatGPT Plugin for Notebook

Now, users from all backgrounds can use natural language prompts to create computational notebooks with exploratory analysis, visualization, machine learning, and data manipulation.

Natural Language Processing

Simply describe what you want to do, and the techniques you want to use, and you’ll receive an entire notebook as a result.

No code visualizations

Data Exploration

Use ChatGPT to quickly and easily query your data, perform data transformations, and identify patterns or trends.

Real time collaboration


Share your insights and discoveries with your team in real-time, fostering a more productive and efficient workflow.

Accelerate time to insights

Quickly create notebooks for new projects, datasets, and topics in no time solely using natural language.

Empower non-technical users

Even if you’re not a coder, you can create and work with data-driven documents, unlocking a world of insights.

Enhance ChatGPT with access to Data & Compute

Efficiently access compute resources, interact with data, and generate visualizations all within the familiar Jupyter Notebook environment.

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Thanks to @noteable_io , we have started rolling out data visualizations using #AI with our proprietary $BDP datasets!

Python data analysis without coding: If you’re waiting for ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter plugin access, like I am --check out the @noteable_io ChatGPT plugin. You type plain English, it delivers #datascience in #Python.