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Wednesday, February 1 2023

The Leader’s Guide to Building a Data-Driven Organization [New eBook]

Including tips from 10+ industry leaders, dive deeper into what it takes to be a best-in-class data-driven organization.

Data is often considered a specialized tool for technical roles. But data also proves its value in non-technical use cases, particularly in marketing funnels and improvements in the customer journey. To become a data-driven organization, employees across the enterprise need to understand and unlock its value according to their own roles, benchmarks, and KPIs.

In our new eBook, The Leader’s Guide to Building a Data-Driven Organization, you’ll get tips from 10+ leaders on how to unlock data so it’s an asset to everyone on your team. The eBook covers:

  • Introducing (or reinventing) data’s role in your organization
  • Creating a culture of teaching
  • Recognizing how silos form and where they exist
  • Assigning roles and action to influential people

Plus much more.

Download Now: The Leader’s Guide to Building a Data-Driven Organization

The needs for data arise from the ground up, but the decisions around adopting and training a company to become an effective data engine have to come from the leadership. When a data-driven mindset continues to flow downstream, it creates that ultimate culture.

According to Forrester, organizations with advanced insights-driven business capabilities approach their team and culture differently by continuing to invest in people to extend their insights-driven capabilities. They are also 8X more likely to say they grew by 20% or more than beginner firms. If you are a beginner firm, don’t let that stat scare you. The best time to start is now.

Unlock your data-driven organization