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Wednesday, August 10 2022

Introducing Noteable’s New Look

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Over 2 years ago, we set out with the vision to enable everyone with data. Since then, our team has been focused on building the most collaborative notebook platform so teams across technical abilities can finally create, communicate, and collaborate on data, together. As we’ve built the product and received feedback, we’ve crystallized the brand attributes that are most meaningful and impactful to us. Today, we’re excited to share our new look, which symbolizes our mission and the value we bring to our customers.

Notebooks: Flexible & Unique
We first looked at what this all started with: Notebooks. To us, notebooks represent a blank sheet of paper. A canvas. You can write on it. You can code it. You can illustrate it. Like paper, which can be transformed and folded, Notebooks can transform data into what is needed at any place or point in time. The concept of origami came up again and again as a way to illustrate this. Flexible. Unique. A way to visualize a thought.

Noteable: Approachable & Human
Taking a look inward, our team and mission are deeply rooted in breaking down barriers. We want to make data accessible and approachable to all. We don’t want data to feel polarizing or intimidating. We are humans helping other humans work with data more seamlessly. It was important that our new brand feel welcoming and vibrant.

A Noteable New Look
Our new logo, with the origami-esk “N,” marries flexible with functional. The teal is vibrant and friendly, and unique from the more traditional corporate software blues. Our font, Lexend, is rooted in accessibility and is shown to significantly improve reading-proficiency. It’s developed for humans by humans. We are excited about this refresh to our brand and how it represents our company. We hope you like it, too!

Noteable Official Logo