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From Data to Insight

Stop hopping between data tools, struggling with reproducibility, or taking screenshots. EDA & ETL made easy with Code, No-code & AI.

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Why Noteable


Work with data the way you want®

Over 50 brands choose Noteable as their analytics platform. That’s because Noteable brings together the power of IDEs, the convenience of a Business Intelligence tool and the security needed in a highly collaborative data notebook.

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Collaborative Data Workspace

Import data, connect to databases, query APIs, and share insights with ease. Harness the power of Python, R, SQL, No-code, and AI in a unified Jupyter-like environment.

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From Code to No-Code

Interactive tables, no-code visualizations, automated chart builder, and ChatGPT integration enable quick and efficient data exploration, presentations and reporting.

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AI-Driven Analytics

Noteable ChatGPT Plugin can create an entire data project in seconds, with executable codes, descriptions, bridging the gap between knowledge, data and business impact.

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ML, Data Apps, & Automations

Build interactive data apps and dashboard to run regularly, boost ETL pipelines to train complex ML models, with email and Slack notifications, and easily automate repetitive tasks.

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And More


Build compelling data stories, together.

Share, discuss, brainstorm, and annotate your work with precision, while securely managing credentials. With Noteable, collaboration isn’t an afterthought – it’s the heart of every project.

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Share, Engage, & Publish

Share your work with fine-grained permissions. Noteable makes it easy to share your data files, notebooks, and folders with anyone or everyone.

built-in commenting, @mentions and data point annotations.
Frictionless Collaboration

Brainstorm solutions, engage with the team and stakeholders, run efficient code reviews, discuss findings, and more with built-in commenting, @mentions and data point annotations.

Capture, Organize, Track, Assign and Act on feedback and action items seamlessly
Capture and track feddback and action items
Explore & Explain

Actually derive value from discussions. Capture, Organize, Track, Assign and Act on feedback and action items seamlessly.



From exploration to production, securely

All-in-One Workspace

Act on insights and drive actions in other business systems

With Noteable, you can easily act on the insights you uncover – like a model update, an ETL pipeline, a website change, an email trigger, and more.

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Boost ETL Pipelines, Effortlessly

Create simple aggregated data tables or complex pipelines easily with SQL, Python or both! No Data Engineering help needed.

Chat with your data with AI within your notebook
Automate, Optimize, & Thrive

Easily automate repetitive tasks, reports, KPI alerts and focus on delivering impact for the business.


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